2023 6th International Conference on Power Electronics and Control Engineering (ICPECE 2023)

Call For Papers


The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Power Electronics

Power electronic equipment

Motor drive and frequency converter

system integration

Power Systems

Modeling and simulation

Converter and system control

Theoretical analysis of electrical machinery physics

Noise reduction technology for large equipment

High frequency converter and power supply

Passive components and sensors

Control Engineering

Electric Automation

Intelligent control and intelligent system

Distributed control system

Fuzzy control and fuzzy system

Drive motor and control technology

On-board system

Roadside equipment system

Vehicle identification system

Robotics and applications

Precision Manufacturing and Testing

Power and fluid machinery equipment

Energy machinery and equipment

Construction machinery equipment

Mechanical dynamics and vibration

Mechanical friction, wear and lubrication

Mechanical Design

Large generator design

Comprehensive performance testing and fault diagnosis

Monitor and diagnose motors

Magnetic fluid sealing technology

Optical Mechatronics

Mechanical technology

Information processing technology

Sensing Technology

Automatic control technology

Sensing detection technology

Servo drive technology

Interface technology

Smart Manufacturing

Artificial intelligence

Electromagnetic forming technology

Discrete manufacturing

Smart equipment and products

Computer Integrated Manufacturing System

Image Processing

Pattern recognition

Image Identification

Description of spatial shape

Geometric modeling

Fault detection and isolation

Industrial process control

Motors and Electrical Appliances

Large generator design

Theory and operation of large motors

Special motor

Motor cooling technology

Motor and electrical appliance control technology application