2024 7th International Conference on Power Electronics and Control Engineering (ICPECE 2024)




Prof. Yanzhong Wang

Beihang University, China

Wang Yanzhong, a professor at the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Beihang University, has long been engaged in research on precision transmission and manufacturing, numerical control technology and face gear transmission technology. He has presided over the completion of a number of key projects of national natural science foundation, national 863, aviation science foundation and other national ministries and commissions, obtained a number of national invention patents, published more than 40 papers and published 3 books. The gear cutting, meshing performance analysis, traveling wave vibration mechanism of high-speed gear teeth, accurate calculation and test experiment of gear tooth stress, dynamic friction and lubrication process under complex working conditions, gear special machine tool equipment and other technologies have been deeply studied, and their own characteristics and advantages have been formed in gear transmission, friction and lubrication, gear precision manufacturing and numerical control technology, and a series of advanced research results have been obtained, which have been applied in various types of engine and helicopter transmission systems. Won the second prize of scientific and technological progress of China Aviation Corporation, the third prize of scientific and technological progress of Shenyang, and the second prize of scientific and technological progress of Beihang University.

Prof. Xiaochuan Luo

Northeastern University, China

Luo Xiaochuan, Ph.D., professor and doctoral supervisor of the State Key Laboratory of Integrated Automation of Process Industry (Northeastern University), IEEE member, INFORM member of the United States, IET member of the United Kingdom. He is currently a peer review expert of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and a reviewer of international journals such as IEEE Transactions, IJPR and EJIE. His research interests are the design and analysis of optimization algorithms and optimization methods in dynamic environment. Published more than 40 papers in academic journals and conferences at home and abroad, including more than 30 papers retrieved by EI and more than 10 papers retrieved by SCI; Won 1 first prize and 1 third prize of Liaoning Natural Science Academic Achievement Award; Publish 1 monograph; 1 invention patent and 1 software copyright. He has presided over 5 NSFC and provincial and ministerial natural science funds; Participated in 1 national key basic research and development plan project, 2 national natural science foundation innovative research group science funds and 2 national natural science foundation key projects.



Prof. Zhenghang Hao

Guizhou University, China

Hao Zhenghang, who has completed doctoral and postdoctoral research in Tianjin University, Tsinghua University and Xuji Group successively, was awarded the title of Excellent Postdoctoral in Henan Province in 2014. He is currently a professor at Guizhou University, a doctoral supervisor, a master tutor, the director of the Department of Electric Power of the School of Electrical Engineering, and a member of the Special Committee on Power System Protection and Control of the China Institute of Electrotechnology. Long-term engaged in new energy power generation and smart grid, energy internet, real-time simulation of power system and other fields of research and technology development. He presided over 2 national natural science foundation projects and 2 postdoctoral funds; Presided over 3 provincial and ministerial projects; Presided over and participated in 2 key projects of Xuji Electric and major scientific and technological projects (demonstration projects) of China Southern Power Grid; He presided over the completion of three construction projects of the comprehensive strength improvement plan of colleges and universities in the central and western regions, and one award-winning experimental equipment production award. More than 60 papers have been published, 20 papers have been searched by SCI/EI, and 20 patents have been granted. Three high-tech products, such as "real-time simulator of electrical information system", have been developed and are being promoted to the whole country.

Prof. Zhijia Zhang

Shenyang University of Technology, China

Zhang Zhijia, doctor, professor, doctoral supervisor. In 1996 and 2002, he received a bachelor's degree and a master's degree from the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation of Northeastern University, respectively. In 2006, he received a doctorate in pattern recognition and intelligent systems from Shenyang Institute of Automation, China Academy of Sciences. Since 2006, he has been teaching at Shenyang University of Technology. Since joining the work, he has taught undergraduate and graduate students many courses, such as "Digital Image Processing Technology", "Calculation Basis" and "New Geometry Measurement Technology". As the person in charge, he has won 2 teaching reform achievement awards in Liaoning Province and many school-level teaching reform awards. In the research, he presided over 1 National Natural Science Foundation, 6 provincial and municipal scientific research projects and 5 horizontal projects, published 35 SCI/EI retrieval papers, authorized 16 invention patents, trained 25 master students and supervised 3 doctoral students. He was an excellent graduate tutor in Shenyang in 2019. For machine vision research, in-depth research has been carried out in the areas of product surface defect detection, driving behavior safety monitoring, and automatic driving external environment perception, and good research results have been achieved. Some research results have been applied in related industries.



Prof. Yiming Zhang

Fuzhou University, China

Professor Yiming Zhang is the recipient of the National Youth Talent Program, “Minjiang” Scholar of Fujian Province, a full professor and Ph.D supervisor of Fuzhou University, and IEEE Senior Member. He was recognized as the World’s Top 2% Scientist by Elsevier. His research interest is power electronics and wireless power transfer. He has authored one book from Springer and published more than 100 technical papers in renowned journals and conference proceedings. He has an H-index of 31 and has won multiple excellent conference papers including ECCE, EVS, EVCP, and CIEEC. He was recognized as the Outstanding Reviewer for EEE TPEL and TIE. He is the PI of the Excellent Youth Project and Youth Fund from National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Outstanding Youth Project of Fujian Provincial Natural Science Foundation.

Prof. Xiaofang Yuan

Hunan University, China

Xiaofang Yuan, PhD, Professor in Hunan University, doctoral supervisor. He is mainly engaged in electric vehicles, intelligent transportation, automation & control and other aspects of research work. He has presided over more than 10 projects, including National Key R&D Program of China, project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, Science and Technology Plan of Hunan Province, etc. He has more than 50 papers have been published in IEEE Transactions and other international authoritative journals in the field of electric vehicles, intelligent transportation, including 40 SCI papers.